Wondering How Many Calories You Burn While Cleaning? Here Is Your Answer

When it comes to getting fit or staying in shape, you may be shocked to learn that you don’t necessarily have to spend hours in the gym to stay on top of your health. Contrary to what you may believe, small activities can really add up, resulting in hundreds of burned calories over the course of a day. Don’t believe us? Check out these 5 cleaning chores and how many calories they typically burn.


Sweeping is a must if you want to keep your floors clear of debris. It's also a great workout for your arms and legs! In 30 minutes, women can expect to burn 87 calories, and men can burn 102 calories.


Like sweeping, vacuuming targets your arms and legs. If you vacuum for just 30 minutes, you can expect to burn anywhere from 94 calories to 111 calories.

Rid your home of dust bunnies and sneak in a great arm workout by dusting your furniture. Over the span of thirty minutes, you’ll burn 57 to 66 calories.


Scrubbing surfaces, like your bathtub or kitchen counter, can torch calories over a half-hour. Scrub your apartment clean for 30 minutes, and men will burn 124 calories, while women eliminate 106 calories.


Need a new look? Rearranging furniture will breathe new life into your space while working your body. Rearrange your living room furniture, and you’ll burn anywhere from 189 to 221 calories in 30 minutes.

Apartment living is all about a maintenance-free lifestyle. At Hunters Point Apartments in College Station, Texas, we go above and beyond to ensure that you have a completely stress-free day-to-day routine.

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