How to Tackle the Challenge of Traveling with Children

Traveling with children can sometimes be challenging. A road trip with a child prone to motion sickness can be particularly difficult. Even if your child is susceptible to this common ailment, you can still successfully travel the open roads this summer. Keep these tips in mind to help avoid or ease symptoms.

1. Be sure to eat well. 
Traveling on an empty stomach can exacerbate symptoms of motion sickness. The best foods for traveling are whole grains and fruit, which can help settle the stomach. Snacking throughout the trip is better than eating large meals when you stop for a break. Pack some granola bars, oranges or apples, or peanut butter sandwiches.

2. Soothe an upset stomach.
Ginger can also help soothe an upset stomach. Look for crystallized ginger in the spice section of your grocery store. Give this to your child to suck on during the trip. Avoid ginger ale, as this does not have the same effect. 

3. Keep your cool.
Keep the interior of your car a comfortable, cool temperature. Heat can increase symptoms of car sickness. If your child is feeling bad, place a cold compress on the back of his neck.

4. Avoid distractions.
Reading, playing video games, or watching DVDs can cause motion sickness to hit hard. Encourage your child to avoid focusing on anything inside the car. Looking out the window is the best way to avoid feeling worse. 

5. Take it easy.
Curves and turns are a stomach’s worst enemy. To make things easier on your child, take it slowly around curves and turns. You should also avoid sudden stops and starts. 

6. Take a break.
If your child is feeling poorly, take a break for some fresh air. Getting out and stretching your legs helps to shake off some of the effects of car sickness. Allow your child to walk and run around for a few minutes every time you stop. 

7. Use medication if needed.
If your child suffers from a severe case of motion sickness, you might consider using medication. In general, medication should be used only in cases where the sickness is significant and recurring. Some common medications used are Benadryl, Dramamine or Bonine. Consult with your child’s doctor before using any drug treatment.

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